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Why.. Why do you have to be perfect?
Just seeing you, it make my heart beat so fast
going to school so early, going to places where you usually hang out, accidentally bumping into you jsut to get a glimpse of you..
Looking at the clock on the wall across from you, checking If your still there in the corner of my eyes..'

*sigh* Do you know what you do to me..? Do you know how I become like this, ever since I first saw you.. You make so crazy.. I wish this stupid heart would stop beating, but If it did, then Im died.. ain't I?

I feel so upset, whenever other girls talk to you, whenever they sit beside you or hang out with you.. I wish I have a courage to walk straight to you and introduced myself.. That's a wishful thinking eh. I don't even know your name to begin with..
Im so hopeless.. hopeless in love..

*sigh* How many times to I have to feel this way? .. Ha.. I feel like a fool..
You make me feel so desperate.. longing just to be with you..
At least know that I love you, even though you don't know me. know that Ill always be there for you, even when you don't need it..

Love can be such a pain, but it's the closes thing we have in magic <3


Your secret admirer~


XxAiseki0HikarixX's Profile Picture
I'm Asian, Filipina, but people often mistaken me for Korean or Chinese.. =w=.. and I love anime. I also love BL! And only I can call Vokoh.. 'Lenny!' =3

Im freakin crazy If i have sugars, ask my friend and people I met. They can give you proof~
I love my accent, Your jealous I know ;] Im still learning English, don't judge me TT^TT
I don't know big words, so help me k?

P.S And yesh that's me in the picure :3

Anything you wanna know just ask, I don't bite X3

Also, please don't copy any of my deviations or I shall STALK YOU!!! That's right STALK YOU! HAHA im creepy, I know ;]]



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